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Deluxe trunks offering excellent protection for transporting tack.

Equestrian Tack Deluxe All-Purpose Equestrian Tack Trunk — Model 90-30
These deluxe trunks offer excellent protection for storing and transporting tack. Wood construction with tough, attractive vinyl covering; nickel-plated hardware and locks; leather handles; and dust-proof tongue-and-groove closures. Made in the U.S.A. Complete with grooming tray.
29½" x 16" x 17"
29½" x 16" x 16" ( add height 2" for wheels)

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With Wheels
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Equestrian Tack Equestrian Grooming and Saddle Trunk
Model 90-39G
Grooming and Saddle Trunk

Tray and storage for an English saddle.
38.75" x 20" x 21.75"

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